Benefits of Having a Bankruptcy Attorney

Benefits of Having a Bankruptcy Attorney

benefits of Having a Bankruptcy Attorney

It is imperative that you understand the process of hiring a bankruptcy attorney before you go looking for a lawyer.  There are certain calculations and forms that must be filled out accurately before you can proceed to ensure that you have filled your papers correctly in tandem with the court requirements.  Some of the advantages of hiring a bankruptcy attorney include

  • You have a legal guidance in filling out the forms
  • You avoid re-filing
  • You can consult anytime in case you face difficulties

Features that you should put into consideration include

  1. Attorney fees

The most essential part in looking for a bankruptcy attorney is to negotiate attorney fees for filing your case. Attorney fees depends on

  • The kind of chapter you are filing
  • Amount involved in the case
  • The amount of work the attorney will do to complete your case

Once you have agreed on the payment schedule and the fees involved in the bankruptcy case.  Your attorney will guide you on the documentation which you are required to fill uot and from there you can begin the entire process. Documents that are commonly required during the process include

  • Bank statements
  • Pays stubs
  • Lease or mortgage information
  • Tax returns
  • Vehicle loan paperwork

Once your attorney has all the right documents, the petition will be prepared and he will explain to you the terms and conditions. Once you have completed all the essential aspects, you can file the petition to the petition court. 30-45 days after filing your petition, you are required to attend a short hearing at a local bankruptcy court. Your attorney should accompany you to the meeting and prepare for the questions that you are required to answer from the trustee.