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UK: #Brew Insolvency: Where Now for Hybrid Claims? (Video)

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The highly acclaimed Gatehouse Chambers Insolvency #Brew is back for a new season, heralding the start of Michaelmas’ tenure.

The points of competence raised in Re Taunton Logs Ltd
[2020] EWHC 3480 (channel) and Manolete Partners Plc v Hayward and Barrett Holdings Ltd [2021] EWHC 1481 (Ch) caused a stir, not only with respect to cases referred by office holders to funders such as Manolete, but also among PAs dealing with “hybrid” cases, involving demands of the Act. on insolvency and other) causes of action within a single claim.

Alaric Watson, Phillip Patterson and Sri Carmichael discuss the implications of these decisions and where they are likely to lead us in the near future. This session was moderated by Michael Maris.

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