Crystal Insolvency: Named Liquidation Assignee, Claims Website


Mark Healy has been appointed as the assignee to manage the liquidation of Crystal Cruises.

According to a statement, the company has filed an assignment for the benefit of creditors, an insolvency proceeding governed by Chapter 727 of the laws of Florida.

The process was launched in February and also includes the liquidation of two related entities, Crystal AirCruises and Crystal Holdings.

“Our goal is to maximize asset recovery and provide creditors with a claims process that enables them to achieve the highest recovery potential, regardless of the size of their claim,” Healy said.

The transferee is said to be developing a comprehensive liquidation plan aimed at maximizing the value of the assets while minimizing expenses and administrative costs.

Healy and his team are currently establishing a procedure to allow passengers and other creditors to file claims in a timely manner.

Depending on the assignee, depending on how and when passengers paid their deposit, other methods may be available to recover their funds.

Those who choose not to pursue alternative methods or who are denied refunds are also encouraged to file claims, Healy said.

To handle complaints, the assignee and his team have created a new website. Available at page will also be used to provide updates, case-related documents and answers to frequently asked questions.

“We sympathize with passengers who make complaints and will be communicating with them through the website,” Healy said.

All non-passenger creditors should receive a claim form by mail within the next two to three weeks and all passengers that the company has identified as potential creditors should receive an email within the next few weeks with a claim form and instructions. on how to file a complaint, he added.

Once the assets are liquidated, the assignee will seek court approval before Judge Alan Fine of the Florida 11th Circuit to distribute the funds to creditors who have submitted claims.

According to Healy, the company appears to have limited assets at Marshal due to the fact that Crystal Cruises was only responsible for operations and did not own any of its ships.


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