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Dartmouth, NS – Powell Associates Ltd. – The Licensed Insolvency Trustee works with individuals and businesses facing unimaginable debt problems. Bankruptcy experts strive to help their clients find a better way to solve their debt problems while reducing the financial pressure they face. As a licensed and regulated firm, Powell Associates Ltd. – Licensed Insolvency Trustee ensures each client can access personalized services ensuring the right options are presented to resolve their debt issues.

Individuals and businesses facing huge and unmanageable debt problems can rest assured that Powell Associates Ltd. – Licensed Insolvency Trustee will not force them to sign or file anything. Instead, the professionals will offer comprehensive information and education about the client’s financial situation and also provide a range of options along with possible expected outcomes. In addition, the team ensures that its clients do not pay anything to take advantage of free consultations. Clients who choose to take advantage of their free consultation service can choose an in-person consultation, video consultation, or telephone consultation. The team only sets its fees and payment structure after each client has been briefed on the practical options available to them and decided on a path forward.

the Bankruptcy department offered by the team of Powell Associates Ltd. – Licensed Insolvency Trustee offers customers the ability to reset and restart their lives without crippling their financial commitments. They are also aimed at companies and legal persons in debt up to their necks.

“Managing a company’s insolvency can be extremely urgent. Many stakeholders will often be affected and will influence the insolvency proceeding, including secured and unsecured creditors, owners, guarantors, employees, suppliers, customers, owners and others. There are often competing interests, the most prominent being secured creditors seeking to seize and realize on their security against a business trying to remain viable. Experience is key to understanding the interests of different stakeholders and charting the course to follow during a restructuring or liquidation. Powell Associates Ltd. has that experience,” the company spokesperson said.

The company Halifax bankruptcy experts know how best to handle liquidation through business bankruptcy, business proposal, receivership, or a combination of procedures. Corporations open to restructuring can also benefit from restructuring services that can help them overcome their debts and come out stronger on the other side.

Individuals and businesses in need of debt management solutions can schedule a consultation meeting with the team at Powell Associates Ltd. – Licensed Insolvency Trustee by phone or book a visit with them at 50 Eileen Stubbs Ave Unit 130, Dartmouth, NS, B3B 0M7 Canada for an in-person consultation.

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